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Basehor chief hopes to add detective slot

April 28, 2005

To keep pace with an increasing case load of criminal investigations, the Basehor Police Department will soon petition the Basehor City Council to hire a full-time police detective, police chief Terry Horner said.

"The Basehor Police Department is finding itself in similar situations as other area police departments," Horner said. "We are having difficulty keeping up with criminal investigations in the city. As the city grows, we have an influx of commuter traffic, construction sites, property growth, population and police problems.

"Some of these police concerns are thefts, battery, criminal damages, forgery, burglaries, juvenile and general natural-cause deaths in our city," he added. "There are complex situations at times, and we need a well-trained person to handle these events."

Currently, Horner and other ranking officers are handling the investigative work. However, by working on investigations, officers are taken away from their day-to-day patrol duties, Horner said.

"We are not keeping up with investigations in a professional way," he said. "However, it eventually is getting done with close supervision.

"The department is winning the battle on patrolling the streets, but we're barely keeping our heads above water on criminal investigations."

In coming weeks, Horner said he will ask that City Council members give consideration to adding a detective. He said the position could be paid for by shifting some funds from the current budget to complete this "departmental necessity" this year.

Police departments in Tonganoxie, Bonner Springs and Lansing currently employ a police detective, and Edwardsville just this week promoted two patrolmen to that status. Horner said he will look for an officer who is "cut out of a different mold" as well as motivated, highly trained and possessed with a desire to solve complex crimes for the possible Basehor detective role.

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