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Opinion: Lesson learned

April 28, 2005

As I sat down to read the Lawrence Journal World a few days ago, I saw a familiar face.

On the front was a story about a man you may or may not know.

That man was former Sentinel sports writer Andy Marso, a man whose job I am now trying to do.

The article focused on meningitis and how Andy has coped with it, but it failed to mention the impact he had on the lives of those at BLHS. To me, that's a much more important story.

I can remember the first thing a coach said to me this year when I took over. It was girls basketball coach Mardy Robinson. She told me I had some "big shoes to fill."

After reading the article, I realized that something as simple as wearing shoes is something I have taken for granted. Which makes me wonder what else I have taken for granted. How about typing articles every week or shaking the hand of a coach or player, things I will now cherish.

I have enjoyed the time I have spent with Bobcats, and I hope the feeling is mutual. But I will never feel like I could replace such a great guy and a great writer.

"Andy would come out to practice and hang around even after he had done his interviews, just because he enjoyed being outside on a great day and loved baseball even more," said baseball coach David Svoboda. "We often talked about how lucky we were to be around baseball and to be getting paid for it."

Unfortunately, I work three jobs and do not have the luxury that Andy had. Being a part of BLHS athletics wasn't only a job to him, it was a passion and something he loved.

One year has passed and Andy is still writing when he can. So don't feel sorry for him, just reach back into your memory and think of the good times, which are still on the horizon for Andy.

He's a man whose integrity and drive is something that this sports reporter will always try to emulate.

Thank you, Andy.

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