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Summer readers complete 4,300 books

August 4, 2005

The Lansing Community Library's Summer Reading Program drew a record number of participants this year, with 113 entrant forms turned in and over 4,300 books read.

Prizes for the most prolific readers were given in the four different children's categories during a program Saturday at the library, which is in the Lansing Activity Center at 108 S. Second St.

The top reader in the fifth-grade and under category was Hillary Thompson, who will be in fifth grade this month. Thompson said she got her reading habits from her mom, Susanna Daniel, who topped the adult category in the program, with a whopping 140 books read this summer. Thompson's younger brother, Donovan Daniel, was the top pre-reader (those who had books read to them), with 221 books.

Thompson said her favorite kind of books probably was "sad stories," such as "Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio," by Peg Kehret.

"I like emotional stories. I don't know why," Thompson said.

Thompson said that among her other favorite books she read this summer was a series called "Animal Ark," about a young girl who helps animals in her parents' veterinarian office.

Darlene Dean, Lansing librarian, said, "We try to make the Summer Reading Program fun, so the kids will enjoy reading and create a lifelong love of reading."

The top Young Adult reader was Victoria Bollin, a Lansing seventh grader.

Bollin said her favorite books were from the "Artemis Fowl" series, which tell the story of a young boy who outsmarts a population of fairies.

Bollin said she has liked reading since she was in first grade. Bollin said she couldn't read at the beginning of that school year, but with help from her teacher, Cheryl Lents, and her mother she was the top reader in her class by the end of the year.

"Now I can probably read high school-level stuff," Bollin said.

She said the hardest book she's tried reading so far was "The Three Musketeers," by Alexandre Dumas. She's taking a break from the classic French novel to read the latest Harry Potter installment.

Victoria's little brother, Kevin Bollin, a Lansing second-grader, was the top picture book reader. Kevin said his favorite of the 313 books he read this summer were the "Critters" series.

Most prolific readers in the Lansing Community Library's Summer Reading Program:

Pre-Readers (pre-kindergartners, read to)

Name, Number of books

1. Donavan Daniel, 221

2. Jonathan Boyd, 193

3. Rylee Boyd, 192

4. Jacob Thompson, 177

5. Evan Collene, 114

Independent readers (picture books)

1. Kevin Bollin, 313

2. Elise Collene, 133

3. Chase Garnett, 64

4. Alyssa Santiago, 60

5. Dylan Jenkins, 40

Charles Moore, 40

Clint Saunders, 40

Advanced readers (chapter books)

1. Hillary Thompson, 70

2. Hannah Fowles, 64

3. Markita Ivankovic, 55

4. David Santiago, 48

5. Megan Colstrum, 43

Young Adults (sixth to 12th grade)

1. Victoria Bollin, 77

2. Kirsten Fowles, 50

3. Cassy Ivankovic, 43

4. Jacklyn Baillergeon, 40

5. Brianna Dohrn, 20

Lauren Ingram, 20


1. Susanna Daniel, 140

2. Laura Bollin, 51

3. Patty Ivankovic, 51

4. Sue Robertson, 20

5. Trich Delich, 10


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