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Cushing adds new equipment

August 11, 2005

Cushing Memorial Hospital has a new piece of equipment designed to speed the recovery time of patients undergoing tonsillectomies.

The Coblator, manufactured by ArthroCare Corp., uses radiofrequency energy and natural saline to gently dissolve tonsil tissue and remove the infected or enlarged tonsils, making it essentially a bloodless procedure, a news release from the hospital in Leavenworth said.

Traditional tonsillectomy procedures use high levels of heat to burn infected tissue.

Most patients who undergo a tonsillectomy using the Coblator stay in the hospital only a few hours and resume normal diet and activities within a few days, as opposed to the extended periods of pain after traditional tonsillectomies, the release said.

Cushing Memorial Hospital is a member of Saint Luke's Health System.


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