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Follow your dream

August 11, 2005

The definition of history is the recording of events connected with the human race. Hopefully by knowing what has taken place in the past we can make our future better.

Take the home-building trade, for instance. There are much better tools and techniques in building homes now than there were even 20 years ago.

During the Depression, everyone was poor. There was no line of credit and no hope to do better.

During the '30s and '40s very few homes were built in Lansing.

The homes that were built in our neighborhood in the early 1950s were built with hammers and nails.

Now there is so much know-how and better methods of home construction. It is amazing to see all the beautiful new homes complete with wonderful landscaping.

Another example was when Lansing incorporated in 1959. Many people thought it was a joke to think Lansing could become a city. But it was not a joke for the people on the first City Council who followed their dream and got things done. Many people could not imagine us having our own library, or a parks and recreation department or a museum, or city parks, etc. Now look at what we have.

Everything in Lansing started with an idea and has grown and is continuing to grow. Someday we will drive across a bridge from Lansing into Missouri and enjoy the beautiful Lansing Landing, and it will no longer be an idea; it will be history. Everything starts with a dream.

If you have an idea to start a business, develop a new invention, or making anything better, follow your dream.


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