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Restaurant to open south of highway

August 18, 2005

Where others have failed, they will succeed.

That's the vibe coming from J.B. Gideon, who says he has no official title and is only a "team player" working at a new Basehor restaurant, Molly McGuires. The restaurant, 15306 Briar Road, is inside the same space as Harbor Hop and The Dinner Bell, two restaurants that eventually folded.

But, don't let the past confuse you, said Gideon, who speaks a mile a minute and oozes enthusiasm. The past of the other restaurants have no bearing on the future prospects of Molly McGuire's.

"We don't know what they did do, what they didn't do," Gideon said. "We know what we're going to do. ... We're going to be that place where people want to come and have fun.

"We want to know everybody's first name and be a place where everybody comes to unwind and have a good time," he added.

The restaurant is shooting to open next week or the week after, Gideon said, and a grand opening is tentatively planned for Sept. 2.

The menu will include traditional favorites such as sandwiches and hamburgers, but will also offer specialties such as Italian, Mexican and seafood dishes.

"We're going to have a great menu," he said. "I think (customers) will be really proud of our menu."

Gideon said the menu, and the entertainment, offered at Molly McGuire's will separate the establishment from its competition. The restaurant plans to offer poker tournaments on Wednesdays, karaoke on Thursdays, a disc jockey on Fridays and live music on Saturdays.

"We hope people are looking forward to being entertained someplace close to home," Gideon said.

Gideon, who spent the last 10 years in the restaurant business in Las Vegas, said Basehor was chosen as a site for the restaurant because of its convenient location and attractive community.

"Everything so nice, so clean and new," he said. "Las Vegas is the opposite of what we want. It's all corporate, all business and money. Nobody here is trying to get rich, we're trying for a place we can have fun and call home."

And how long will the restaurant call Basehor home? If you listen to Gideon, a lot longer than Molly McGuire's predecessors.

"We plan to be here for the next 20 years," he said.

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