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Teacher invites parents to school

August 25, 2005

Parents are remembering what it's like to be a student this fall at Linwood Elementary School.

During the fall semester, parents of students in Lynn Sweeney's fifth-grade class will take spelling tests, play at recess and study arithmetic and reading in the introduction of the "take your parent to school" program.

"I am really excited about this program," Sweeney said. "I thought this project would be a good idea for parents to see what really goes on in their child's day, and I think it will open communication lines."

During back-to-school night on Aug. 14, Sweeney invited parents to spend a day in the classroom with their child. They don't need to give notice, they just need to show up and be willing to do everything their student does.

"My daughter asked me to come in, and I was curious too," said Danielle Schaler, who was the first parent to participate in the program. "I have a new-found respect for teachers' commitment and challenges. Also, I have realized kids have a really, really full day."

This project is part of the final steps in Sweeney attaining her master's degree in education from Mid America Nazarene University.

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