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Road rage

Police recommend charges against 62-year-old

December 2, 2005

Lansing Police say they investigate reports of road rage about once a month.

Lansing Police say they investigate reports of road rage about once a month.

A driver's impatience and subsequent actions could land him in Leavenworth County District Court.

Lansing Police Chief Steve Wayman said Friday that police had completed their investigation into a Nov. 29 road rage report that escalated to the point where a 62-year-old Lansing man pulled a weapon out of his car and pointed it at a 42-year-old Lansing man.

Police now have forwarded their report to the Leavenworth County attorney to consider whether to charge the 62-year-old with aggravated assault, Wayman said.

The incident began about 3 p.m. Nov. 29 when the 42-year-old was driving south on Main Street and was attempting to turn left into the trailer park at 124 N. Main St. Heavy northbound traffic was preventing the driver from turning, Wayman said, which in turn caused the 62-year-old to be caught in traffic.

Aggravated, the 62-year-old pulled out and alongside the 42-year-old man "and displayed an unfriendly hand gesture and yelled some 'colorful' remarks at him," Wayman said.

The 42-year-old, in turn, abandoned his attempted turn and followed the 62-year-old to the 300 block of First Street, where the two got into a heated exchange, Wayman said.

When the 42-year-old decided to leave, the 62-year-old "reached into his vehicle and produced what was believed to be a handgun," Wayman said.

The 42-year-old left and called police, who found the 62-year-old and removed a BB gun from his vehicle.

Wayman said subsequent investigation led police to recommend that prosecutors charge the 62-year-old with aggravated assault.

Lansing Police receive reports about road rage about once a month, Wayman said, but few in recent history got as heated as the Nov. 29 incident.


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