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Elves visit LHS to answer letters

December 8, 2005

There was a little workshop at Lansing High School on Friday full of LHS students and their special guests.

Members of the LHS Leadership group invited Santa's elves to stop by and reply to letters written by Lansing Elementary School second-graders. This is the third year Leadership students and the elves have cooperated to answer the letters, Leadership sponsor Sarah Wise said.

Elves, with colorful names such as Penelope, Rosie, Pinky, Holly Berry, Twinkle Toes, Vom, Wheaty, Bubbles and as many Snowflakes as there are at the North Pole, wrote back to the students and answered many questions posed in the letters.

Though the elves could not assure students of what they might receive for Christmas, they were able to shed light on more general inquiries.

Many students were curious about reindeer - How many reindeer does it take to pull Santa's sleigh? How do reindeer fly? Do you know Rudolph?

Others were more curious about the elves, asking about their age, the color of their hair and even, Do you take a shower? One student wondered how Santa gets his newspaper.

Tracy Andrews, a math teacher at Lansing High School, stopped by to thank the students and the elves for working together to answer the second-graders' letters.

Andrews said her daughter, Kelly Andrews, who is now a third-grader at LES, was on the brink of not believing in Santa before writing a letter to the elves in her class last year. Now, after receiving a reply from the elves, Kelly has no doubt, Tracy Andrews said.

"It totally fascinated her that the elves would really write back," especially during the busy holiday season, Tracy Andrews said. "Now she totally believes in the whole thing."

The elves said it's important to answer the letters "because we care for the children."

"Our present is giving things to others," one said.


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