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Essayists explain importance of community service

December 8, 2005

In October, fifth-graders at Lansing Intermediate School participated in a Kansas Parent-Teacher Association essay contest in which they answered the prompt, "Community service is important because :"

Brianna Lozenski won first place in the contest. Her essay will go to the regional contest.

Makenzi Hurt and Zane Riccio tied for second place, and Thad Marshall placed third. All four students are in Salena Corkhill's class.

Here are their essays.

First place: Brianna Lozenski

Community service is important because it helps your community. If you want to help your community you can donate. You can also help your community by cleaning it up. If you don't want to donate, or you don't like cleaning, then you can volunteer your time.

The first way you can help your community is by donating. Donating is good to do because it helps your community. If you have old clothing, toys, etc., don't throw it away, donate it. You can also donate money. Money is good to donate because you could help your community get a new building, park, or anything your community might need.

The second way you can help your community is by cleaning it up. You can also help the needy people in your community. To help your community you can go and mow people's lawns or clean their houses or just do something for your community without being paid.

The third way you can help your community is by volunteering. To volunteer your time you can help a school. You can also volunteer your time if there was a natural disaster in your community. Another way you could volunteer your time is you could go to a soup dinner or a community get-together, anything to volunteer your time to the community.

There are many different ways you can help your community. You can donate, volunteer, clean up, or mow lawns. There are so many ways you can do to help your community, so don't be afraid to go and help.

Second place: Makenzi Hurt

Community service is important because it helps people out. If nobody did this there would be no one who would volunteer to pick up trash or recycle. Some people help repair or paint homes. If you have old clothes, donate them. When you volunteer in your community it always helps someone. Some people volunteer to work at soup kitchens, pick up trash, and recycle. To volunteer means to work or do something without pay.

If you see a house and there are shingles falling off or seven different kinds of paint, don't be afraid to walk up to their door and ask if you can maybe fix it up for free. They might not have money. It would mean a lot to them if you helped.

If you have old clothes, shoes, coats, or toys that you don't want, don't throw them away - donate them. If you donate a coat, that coat might keep a little girl or a little boy warm. Also, when you donate toys, did you know that some kids only have one toy; you might have forty! So donate things and you could make someone happier!

So when you do community service like donating, repairing homes, or volunteering, it helps people, your community, and yourself. Those are just some of the things you can do for your community.

Second place: Zane Riccio

Community service is important because it gives us many ways to be a good citizen. Three ways to be a good citizen are donating supplies and other needs, helping seniors, and cleaning up the community.

One way to be a good citizen is by donating. Donating to charity or other people in need. Everyone needs clothes, you can't go around naked. Some things you can donate are food and water. You can also donate supplies for new houses.

Another way is by helping seniors. Mowing is one you can do. Some seniors might need their attic cleaned. Some seniors like books; you could read one to them. They all usually need help with something.

As well as donating and helping seniors, one of the main things is helping the environment. Cleaning trash and litter so animals won't get sick. Cleaning someone else's house for them. And one thing my mom loves me to do is clean my room!

So now you can see there are some things you can do to be a good citizen.

Third place: Thad Marshall

Community service is important because we wouldn't be successful without it. Some community services are repairing homes, donating things people might need, and volunteering your time for people that need you.

Volunteering is a good way to help your community. You can pick up trash off the highway. You can also help students at school study for tests. You might even recycle or read to the elderly.

Repairing houses is a good way to help people in need. You can plant flowers next to the houses. You may even fix the broken pipes. You could even paint the house a different color.

Donating is probably the best way to help people in need. You might donate clothing like T-shirts, jeans, shorts, or even skirts. You could donate food like peas, beans, bread, corn, fruit, and even meat. People might donate furniture like couches, chairs, or even beds. You may also donate toys like iPods, stuffed animals, and even video games.

In conclusion, community service is important because we wouldn't be successful without volunteering your time, repairing homes, and donating things poor people might need.


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