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LHS seniors take up new offering

December 15, 2005

Next semester, some Lansing High School seniors will have the opportunity to sleep in, work more or start taking college classes.

For the first time, LHS is giving second-semester seniors the option of being part-time students.

Counselor Linda Tubbs said seniors will be allowed to come to school for only the classes they need to graduate, if they so choose. The classes must be consecutive, but students will be allowed to come later or leave earlier than underclassmen. Athletes must be at school for the last five hours of the day to participate in their sports, Tubbs said.

The program, Tubbs said, is designed to help seniors make the transition to a college class schedule. To become a part-time student, seniors needed parental permission.

"We did want to try this out and see if it helps them," Tubbs said.

It also relieves students from having to enroll in classes they don't need, she said.

"Seniors run out of things to take," Tubbs said.

Assistant principal Mike Bogard said the allowance for seniors to attend part-time in the spring semester was ratified by the Lansing school board last spring.

"We looked into it. Other schools do it," he said. "We thought we'd try it."

Tubbs said the option wasn't widely publicized, and Bogard said the number of students who will come part-time in the spring is few.

"Not that many kids are doing it," he said. "Most of the kids want to come to school."

At least 25 students will have a part-time schedule next semester, Tubbs said. Many plan to work during the day or take college classes, she said.

Tubbs said she didn't expect lack of responsibility to be an issue - but she did see one potential challenge.

"The biggest problem we can see for seniors is they may not have a parking space," she said.


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