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Marvels of the Internet

December 15, 2005

This is a follow-up of my History Corner of Nov. 3, 2005, about Charles L. Cherrie, the first Santa Fe Agent at the Lansing Depot.

The day that I wrote the article, I needed to know when he died, so early that morning I drove up to Mount Muncie Cemetery because I knew where Mr. Cherrie's headstone was located, as it was close to my cousin Tom Studdard's grave.

The name of Mr. Cherrie's daughter, Estella, was a keyword that made a connection with her descendants on the Internet. The Current first received a thank-you from James R. Wilson from Tacoma, Wash., after searching on Google for his grandmother, Estella Cherrie. It took him to my article and he was pleased to find out more history about the Cherrie side of his family.

That got my curiosity up so I entered the name Estella Cherrie into the Web site and also saw my history corner about Mr. Cherrie there. The article above my story was an obituary about Charles W. Wilson, M.D., who passed away in Guadalajara, Mexico, on May 12, 2002. He was the son of Estella and Jacob Wilson. Dr. Wilson graduated from KU in 1942 and led a very eventful and successful life.

Several weeks later The Current received a letter from James' older brother Steve, who lives in Baltimore. He also expressed his appreciation.

The Santa Fe Station where Mr. Cherrie worked for 50 years has been moved to a new location and is now our Lansing Museum. I would like to invite any Cherrie descendants to come and visit the museum and sit at the same desk where their great grandfather worked. In the museum stands a picture of your great-grandfather along with his biography.

This is one great example about how the Internet works: keywords are the key.


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