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Village West businesses ring up robust holiday sales

December 29, 2005

Legends 14, the new kid on the block as it pertains to cinemas in the Kansas City metropolitan area, was one of several Village West businesses that reported a successful holiday weekend.

"We were very busy and we've taken our place among the busiest (theaters) in Kansas City," said Greg Hogue, community relations director for Legends 14.

Legends 14 opened in November. The theater, which seats 3,000 people and boasts 14 screens, is the centerpiece attraction of the Legends of Village West, a 750,000-square-foot shopping area in western Wyandotte County.

Citing company policy, theater representatives do not release gross figures from its box office nor do they report attendance numbers. However, Hogue said Legends 14 fared well in comparison with the top houses in the metropolitan area.

"We're in the top 10, always, and frequently higher than that," he said.

Typically, Christmas Day is a big draw for theaters, but Hogue said the biggest wave of the weekend came the day after, on Monday.

"Christmas wasn't as busy," he said. "What happened was everybody decided to come out Monday because they had the day off. That was the busiest day of the weekend for us."

Fueling the theater's successful weekend was Legends' screening of the hit comedy, "The Producers" as well as displaying the winter's blockbuster, "King Kong" on a massive 87-foot screen, which is dubbed by theater representatives as "the largest in Kansas City."

"People came from all over to see 'King Kong' on the big screen," Hogue said.

The movie theater wasn't the only Village West business enthused with its flow of customers. Retailers inside Legends, which also opened in the fall, reported strong December sales.

Amy Kraft, marketing director for the Legends shopping area, said the managers of several retailers and restaurants reported that their businesses "exceeded expectations."

"We've heard some great success stories from them," she said.

"With this being our first year and (the shopping area) only partially open, it was hard to tell what projections might be," she said. "But, we feel pretty good about what's happening out there."

More Legends businesses will be unveiled this spring. And, many believe the noteworthy showing this December only scratches the surface of what's to come when the area is at full strength.

"It was amazing how many people were here and how many are always here," Hogue said. "It's certainly foretelling of what's to come this spring."

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