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Workin’ at the car wash

February 3, 2005

The recent winter snows cause many drivers woes, but for John Stalter, the snow and ice have been bringing in more customers.

Stalter has advice for drivers wanting to prevent winter weather from causing long-term damage to their vehicles.

"Don't wait. Don't let the sand and salt sit. It can be very corrosive," he said.

Stalter provides his customers with the Simonize brand of soap in stalls where they can wash their cars or an automatic car wash that will shine up their car for them.

He said more of his customers preferred to use the hand-wash stalls, which he recommends for the best quality car wash. However, he personally opts for the automatic car wash on most occasions.

He and his wife, Judie, opened J&J Car Wash in 1985 because he thought it would be an easy way to make money. Although the car wash business is more work than Stalter anticipated, he prefers it to his previous work at an Amoco service station.

"I like people, so I still get to work with people, and there are not as many headaches," Stalter said.

Being around a car wash a majority of the days of the week allows Stalter to keep his car clean on the outside, but he admits he has a weakness when it comes to cleaning his car.

"The inside may go begging for a couple days," Stalter said.

Name: John Stalter

Address: 308 E. Mary St.

Occupation: Co-owner, J&J Car Wash, retired from the Air Force Reserve and Department of Defense

Graduate of: Lansing High School

Family: Wife, Judie; five children, Bob, Carrie, Michelle, Deana and Jeremy

How long have you lived in Lansing and what brought you here? My parents moved here in 1956

What do you like most about Lansing? Small-town atmosphere is still here, even with our growth

What do you do to relax? I don't relax! I like to go boating.

What would surprise people about you? That I listen to hard rock

What's the best advice you ever received? If you're not willing to write it down and sign it, you probably shouldn't say it.


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