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Jennifer Totleben’s story from Debra Seely’s workshop

February 3, 2005

Standing in the same position for what seemed hours, a click and a blinding flash pierced the dusty silence at Wichita Carriage Works. Jacob Farmers managed the bustling wagon shop for ten years. In fact, he renovated it from its former slum condition.

Ten years ago, in 1871, Wichita Carriage Works was a run-down, filth-filled saloon. Bandits from all over the county met here to hide and refuel. Jacob Farmers, a sheriff at the time, interrupted the so-called "party" and managed to arrest all the criminals in as little as three hours.

He had refurnished it to its former glory and transformed it into the respectable shop it had become.

Now ten years later, it was time for the annual company photo.


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