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Lauren Jaqua’s story from Debra Seely’s visit

February 3, 2005

"Aaattention!" shouted the general. "We're going in to fight the British, once the largest navy in the world. But we're going to change that, won't we?"

"Sir, yes sir," echoed me and my fellow soldiers. It was then the glorious, deep bellowing tones of the bugle sounded over the grassy field. In a way it calmed me, I just let all of the anxiousness flow out of my body. War had begun.

With the cue from our general, we all started to march, in the same rhythmic pattern.

Crossing grassy plains and luscious forests we came upon the hill, which in the end would determine our fate. Over the hill, deep in the valley, there were rows and rows of bright red uniforms that belonged to the British.


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