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Students return from trip to D.C., inauguration

February 3, 2005

The Lansing High School students who recently went to Washington, D.C., for the presidential inauguration came back with exposure to history in the making and a plethora of memories, but there was something they did not return with - their luggage.

That was the only disappointment on the trip, freshman Josh Kranhold said.

The 12 LHS students and three chaperones flew to Washington to attend festivities surrounding the inauguration of George W. Bush in his second term as president. On inauguration day, they arrived more than a half-hour before any of the festivities began. But because of the overwhelming crowd, the Lansing group watched the ceremony that took place on the steps of the Capitol from a big screen on the lawn of the White House and listened to it over a loudspeaker.

Sophomore Courtney Hall said she enjoyed everything about the jam-packed day and the ceremony except the weather.

"It was pretty darn cold," Kranhold agreed.

Later the group went to North Bethesda, Md., for a formal Inaugural Ball put together by World Strides, the company that had organized the trip, with close to 1,000 other students. They danced to the music of a local cover band and mingled with students from across the country.

"It was fun. We all wore our formal dresses," Courtney Hall said.

Hall said that the mixture of people on the trip made it a good experience

Although the group didn't get to see President Bush or any of the Kansas representatives during their trip, they did get to see a lot of the sights.

"We based our trip around getting to see the inauguration but scheduled enough time to see the city," Kranhold said.

The students saw congressional offices and visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and other attractions.

Hall said her favorite part of the trip was visiting the Arlington National Cemetery.

"It was really deep. So many historical people who had fought for our country were buried there," Hall said.

Though group had the option of staying an extra day in Washington to reclaim their luggage, the threat of being snowed in prevented them from staying. They decided to return to Kansas as scheduled, without their luggage.

World Strides has shipped the luggage back to the students and chaperones. Three students received their luggage on Friday and the remainder of the group received their luggage on Monday.


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