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Letters to the Editor

February 24, 2005

Fix the roads

To the editor:

In response to a letter by Robert E. Daily that appeared in the Tonganoxie Mirror titled "Let the sales tax expire," I am in favor of keeping the sales tax but only for this use. The sales tax should be used to improve our secondary road, i.e. the gravel (mud) roads that county residents use daily to get to and from their homes - homes that are appraised and assessed in Leavenworth County like we live on blacktop roads in Johnson County developments. The need for a turnpike access to encourage development in Leavenworth County is not, in my opinion, needed. The upgrading of our county roads, black-topping or at least graded and graveled would encourage development.

A home in our area has stood vacant for more than a year - I believe mainly because it is on a muddy road.

Also, in regard to the raises the county commission gave themselves and the county employees: This is hard to understand because these "elected" officials ran for the office and knew what the salary was going to be. We taxpayers have fixed incomes, and our taxes keep going up.

I am available to organize a taxpayers committee and will be more than open to hearing from other taxpayers who have had enough. Let's do something about the taxes (our money) and how it is spent.

Irene M. Tork



To the editor:

Is it really the wishes of the residents of Lansing to impose a 30 percent increase of taxes on dissenting citizens for practically nothing in return? Others in the county might give this serious thought, as you may be next.

It has been said that certainly we need government, but we don't need government that runs roughshod over its people.

If this annexation is allowed to stand, I ask you, what has happened to our freedom and "government by the people, for the people?" Think about it. America is the greatest country in the world. Are we being governed by an arbitrary government that is using or abusing unlimited powers?

Call it progress if you like. Progress is not the responsibility of a few to "foot the bill" through taxes.

Edward E. Eberth


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