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Council may rescind vote on sewer fees

January 5, 2005

The Basehor City Council is scheduled to vote next week on whether to rescind a previously approved motion allowing residential builders in the Pinehurst development to pre-pay 20 sewer tap fees before a 2005 price hike takes effect.

In December, the City Council voted to allow Pinehurst developers to pre-pay sewer tap fees at the 2004 rate of $1,600 per hookup. In 2005, the rate increased to $2,200 per hookup.

The approved action essentially allowed developers to save about $12,000 in paying the tap fees so they could beat the rate increase. The city currently charges sewer connection fees when building permits are issued, but the City Council's action would have allowed developers to pay the costs up front instead of when the permits were issued.

A week after approving the action, the City Council rejected two similar proposals. The Council's vote came after city treasurer Baron Powell submitted a report that stated allowing pre-payment of the fees would have "significant negative impacts on the financial status of the sewer fund."

Under the citizens and petitions portion of next week's meeting, the City Council is scheduled to hear from:

  • George Smith, a Basehor Planning Commission member, regarding prepayment of sewer tap fees and other city fees; waiving of the city's nine-cents-per-square-foot excise tax development fee and the effects of sewer sprawl on the city's future development.
  • Susan Guy, a Basehor Chamber of Commerce economic development committee member, regarding businesses refilling applications for the city's revitalization plan.
  • Mario Moore, owner of Basehor Suds car wash, regarding the revitalization plan.

Listed on the City Council's agenda for vote Monday night are:

  • A $35,000 upsizing cost for the Wolf Creek Industrial Park
    ¢ An interlocal agreement with Leavenworth County regarding accepting sewage from Sewer District No. 7.
  • A resolution supporting a countywide one-cent sales tax and placement on April 2005 ballot.
  • Contractor payment to Kings Construction for Pinehurst benefit district.

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