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Letter: How much is too much?

January 6, 2005

To the Editor:

Basehor, do you know where your tax dollars are going?

I'm in favor of growth, well-planned and controlled growth. That's growth that's good for the city. And for development to occur we need infrastructure, meaning in this particular case sewers, and when a developer is paying to install a sewer interceptor and the city has an opportunity to invest a reasonably small amount of money to upsize the pipe, it's probably good business. This allows for future development without having to go back and dig up a relatively new pipe and replace it with a larger one. This is where my concern starts.

I agree with the philosophy. It's the finances that I'm concerned about. Currently, the city is working out issues about the 24/40 interceptor project: basically who will pay what. However, you and I, the residents of Basehor, will end up paying about $500,000 of the project cost. This is not a small amount of money when it's spread out over the relatively small population of Basehor. Then when you realize that this is one project and we have others including Honey Creek Farms, Falcon Lakes, and a development on Fairmount Road by Jeff Theno, and now Steve Miles is preparing to move forward with his development asking for about a $35,000 participation from the city to upsize lines, I have to ask myself am I going to be able to bear the burden of my share of the future of Basehor? How much can you afford?

When I look at the big picture and see all of this "Sewer Sprawl" I wonder, if we're pumping sewage from miles away, what happens when we want to develop a new downtown area or some other local project and our treatment plant is at capacity and we're financially tapped out? After all, if we spend every nickel we can afford on future sewer growth, will we ever be able to have anything else? I'd like to think that we could have things in town other than larger sewer pipes. I realize that it is an investment in our future, but it is, after all, only one aspect of our future.

How do you feel about this? Please write and let me know.

George Smith


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