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Winter Weather Woes

Wrestlers forced to withdraw from Bonner tourney

January 13, 2005

The BLHS wrestling team missed the Bonner Springs tournament last Saturday.

The team was unable to practice last week because of recent snow days, and head coach Scott Neil felt his team hadn't had enough practice, wasn't down to weight and was unprepared to face competition.

It's not that they didn't want to practice, it's that they couldn't. Kansas high school policy prohibits practice and competition on a day that school has been cancelled due to severe weather conditions, and the Bobcats weren't able to get a practice in all week.

Although some of the wrestlers may have made their weight, without a practice in a week, Neil decided to move forward, forget about the Bonner tournament and start thinking about to the Bobcat Classic, which will take place this Friday and Saturday at BLHS.

Much like the basketball teams, Bobcat wrestlers haven't competed since Dec. 15, almost a month ago, leaving them craving some competition.

"It was tough because some of us were down to weight," junior Zach Davis said. "It's been so long, and I just wanted to wrestle."

Not all the Bobcat wrestlers missed the tournament entirely. After a 9 a.m. practice Saturday, Davis, sophomore Todd Bell and junior Brandon Magaha showed their dedication by going to the Bonner tournament. Despite not being able to wrestle, they sized up the wrestlers in their perspective weight classes, and these Bobcats felt wrestling on Saturday would have been beneficial for the team.

"We went down there and we weren't even in the program," Bell said. "We watched our weight classes, and I feel like we could have done well in this tournament."

Bell and Davis felt they were ready to wrestle partly because they, along with junior Alex Smith, had been working out at the YMCA trying to keep their weights down.

The Bobcats may or may not have done well in the Bonner tournament, but the bottom line was that Neil felt his team just wasn't ready.

In addition the BLHS coach had his hands full already, trying to prepare for their own tournament --ne of the toughest in the state.

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