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Law enforcers deserve gratitude

January 27, 2005

Events last week in Greenwood County should serve as a reminder to all Kansans of the dangers law enforcement officials face daily in fighting crime. And they should remind us to thank them and other public servants for the work they do.

Greenwood County Sheriff Matt Daniels was shot and killed while serving a warrant near Virgil. He was the 21st Kansas sheriff to die in the line of duty.

In Leavenworth County, Sheriff Dave Zoellner has just taken office after serving 36 years with the department. Lansing Police Chief John Simmons is in his fifth year on the force after years in military law enforcement. Both of these men and their staffs are committed to keeping our streets and homes safe and sound.

Normal interaction with a law enforcement officer doesn't give private citizens an idea of the inherent dangers of the job. It's not generally a life-or-death situation when a police officer runs radar, takes notes at a traffic accident or patrols in a neighborhood.

But our thoughts, prayers and gratitude should be with them when they do enter situations that can become dire.


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