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Leavenworth lawmakers push for second enrollment count

January 27, 2005

— Legislation aimed at helping school districts with large numbers of students whose parents are in the military, including the Lansing school district, has sailed through a House test vote.

"This bill will allow those school districts to better serve our military children," said Rep. Candy Ruff, D-Leavenworth.

Rep. Marti Crow, D-Leavenworth, also pushed the bill, which was approved by voice vote Wednesday by the House.

The measure allows districts most affected by changes in military actions to take a second enrollment count Feb. 20 in addition to the traditional one taken Sept. 20. The enrollment count is used to determine state funding.

Officials with the Fort Leavenworth school district and districts serving Fort Riley said they expected personnel growth in the next several years because of changes in active duty and reserve units.

"A second count date, as proposed, will allow us to accommodate any growth and the expenditures generated in anticipation of that growth," said Stephen Kempf, president of the Fort Leavenworth school board and a retired colonel.

At Fort Leavenworth, about 1,000 officers and 100 international officers train at the Command and General Staff College. A second course to run in tandem with the current one is expected to start in 2006.

The increase in the officer population is expected to bring additional students, though that number is now unknown, officials said. Having a second enrollment count later in the school year would help the schools get the funding they need in a timely manner, they said.

Lansing Superintendent Randal Bagby said the legislation would be of benefit to most school districts that are near a military base, and that Lansing was no exception.


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