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LHS alumni receive scholarships

January 27, 2005

The University of Kansas announced the names of scholarship recipients for the fall 2004 semester who are either from Lansing or who attended Lansing High School.

Private funding accounts for 100 percent of scholarship dollars awarded by KU. The money is managed by the KU Endowment Association, an independent, nonprofit fund-raising and fund-management group.

Lansing recipients are:

¢ Nelson Nicolas Algarra, medical student, Mabel L. and Marshall B. Flowers Scholarship

¢ Aaron David Buehler, senior in clinical laboratory science, June D. Hull Sherrid Scholarship

¢ Kayla Marie Buehler, freshman in pre-physical therapy, Florence Hague Memorial Scholarship

¢ Melanie Constance Dorf, freshman, Frank G. Crowell Scholarship

¢ Brandon Michael Froelich, freshman in architecture, Dowdal H. Davis Memorial Scholarship

¢ Jaclyn Leeann Ganacias, medical student, Class of 1957 Medical Scholarship

¢ Karen Gayle Ganacias, senior in human biology, Frank G. Crowell Scholarship

¢ Jeffery Michael Givens, junior in business administration, Fern Berger Scholarship

¢ Lawrence Philip Hender-son, sophomore in theater and film, New Theatre Guild Scholarship

¢ Philip Douglas Hickson, sophomore in history, E. Dean Werries National Merit Scholar-ship and Janicke Freshman Honor Scholarship

¢ Megan Elizabeth Lehnherr, junior in computer engineering, Boeing Scholarship and Paul and Virginia B. Miller Engineering Scholarship

¢ Carah Marie Medill, graduate student in special education, Ida L. Booth and Dora B. Thorpe Scholarship and Helen Walton Scholarship

¢ Justin A. Mills, medical student, George E. and Blanche Sterling Scholarship

¢ Geoffrey Robert Mock, freshman in mechanical engineering, J.L. Constant Scholar-ship

¢ Leslie Ellen Moore, doctoral student in curriculum and instruction, Ruth M. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

¢ Katherine Ann Phillips, junior in elementary education, Emily V. Berger Scholarship and Ruth E. Litchen Memorial Scholarship

¢ Angela Cathleen Sanders, sophomore in pre-pharmacy, Arthur and Helen-May Johnson Scholarship, James S. and Catharine C. Combs Scholar-ship and KU Scholarships

¢ Jacob Aaron Simanowitz, freshman in architecture, Joseph Mitchell Kellogg Scholarship, James and Alice Phelps Memorial Scholarship and N.T. Veatch Scholarship

¢ Angela Marie Stueve, medical student, George E. and Blanche Sterling Scholarship

¢ Melica Shaunte Wiley, freshman in pre-nursing, Nunemaker College Land Science Scholarship

¢ Lee Collard Male, law student, Raymond F. Rice Scholar-ship

¢ Catherine Manzanares Decena, senior in communication studies, G. and O.M. Keeler Memorial Speech Scholarship

¢ Christopher Sumner Drake, junior in biology, KU Scholarships

¢ Kassandra Weber, sophomore in journalism, William Randolph Hearst Foundation.


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