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LHS wrestlers take fourth at Baldwin Invitational Tournament

Civils wins individual title at 189 pounds

January 30, 2005


1-Oak Park, 333 pts, 6 champs

2-Abilene, 254 pts, 2 champs

3-Santa Fe Trail, 248.5 pts, 1 champ

4-Lansing, 227 pts, 1 champ

5-Baldwin, 161 pts

6-Royal Valley, 151 pts

7-DeSoto, 130.5 pts

8-Mill Valley, 127 pts, 1 champ

9-Tonganoxie, 76.5 pts

10-Marysville, 70.5 pts, 1 champ

11-Council Grove, 52.5 pts

12-SM East (one wrestler), 22 pts


103 lbs.

1st Tyler Williamson (MV) def. Matt Rein (AB), 6-3

3rd Tyler Cordts (SFT) def. Jarod Ribelin (RV), 8-6

5th Chance Thackston (LAN) def. Nick Rockhold (BAL), 10-5

7th Ryan Carmes (OP)

112 lbs.

1st Scott O'Donnell (OP) def. Nick Peterson (AB), 22-6

3rd Justin Broadbent (MV) def. Nick Flynn (LAN), 3-0

5th Mark Jehle (BAL) def. Matt Burkdoll (SFT), 13-2

7th Allen Rasmussen (SFT)

119 lbs.

1st Jacob Nay (OP) def. Kevin Callahan (BAL), 11-4

3rd Brad Padilla (SFT) def. Donny Davidson (AB), 9-7

5th Michael Stremmel (RV) def. Cody Lee (MARY), 13-4

7th Kaleb Horne (BAL) def. Jordan Johnson (CG), 10-0

125 lbs.

1st Dylan Joiner (OP) def. Lorenzo Mundy (SFT), 9-3

3rd Kyle Buehler (LAN) def. Tanner Dawson (AB), 12-6

5th Jeff Meng (RV) def. Matt James (BAL), 9-1

7th Alex Buettner (MV) def. Jacob Ferris (TONG), 4-0

9th Jacob Rupe (DES)

130 lbs.

1st Shane Nay (OP) def. Sean Flynn (LAN), 18-7

3rd Colby Riffel (AB) def. Willy Lucero (RV), WBF 4:50

5th Josh Cauthon (SFT) def. Hunter Samuels (TONG), 11-2

7th Nathan Wuthnow (AB-UN) def. Robby McClung (MV), WBF 1:00

9th Jamie Hosfelt (MARY) def. Michael Thurlow (BAL), WBF 4:10

135 lbs.

1st Zack Bailey (OP) def. Josh Peterson (AB), 20-5

3rd Josh Kohn (BAL) def. Stewart Jones (LAN), 7-3

5th Sam Wilson (BAL-UN) def. Greg Cornish (MV), WBF 1:28

7th Kacey Ripley (CG) def. Shawn Everhart (TONG), WB Inj. Def.

9th Dustin Neff (AB) def. Davin Meng (RV), WB Inj. Def.

140 lbs.

1st Brent Haynes (OP) def. Max Connelly (SFT), 10-4

3rd Kyle Grape (LAN) def. Bud Terry (RV), 7-1

5th Matt Westin (MV) def. Adam Faircloth (DES), 7-5

7th Andreas Brandenberger (BAL) def. Ryan Jared (AB), 13-6

9th Jonathan Ferris (TONG) def. Keith Williams (CG), WBF 5:10

145 lbs.

1st Dylon Jenne (AB) def. Garrett Palmer (TONG), 12-5

3rd Tyler Reese (OP-UN) def. Marcus Armato (OP), 2-1

5th Josh Connelly (SFT) def. Jeff Terrill (LAN), 9-5

7th Josh Wood (BAL) def. Aaron Hansen (DES), WBF 1:25

152 lbs.

1st Neil Erisman (DES) def. Chad Schmale (SFT), 18-10

3rd James Evans (OP) def. Steven Area (RV), WBF 1:06

5th Dennis Kessler (LAN) def. Josiah Mason (BAL), WBF 3:17

7th Chris Wilson (AB) def. Derek O'Neil (MARY), WBF 1:50

9th Earl Johansen (MV)

160 lbs.

1st Ross Taplin (AB) def. Mat Koelling (OP), 5-0

3rd Travis Eden (SFT) def. Joel Sholin (CG), 3-2

5th Gabe Mason (BAL) def. Casey Caton (LAN), 8-3

7th Jordan Pratt (LAN-UN) def. Jacob Reaves (RV), WBF 1:34

171 lbs.

1st Justin Wiscombe (SFT) def. Ross Starcher (TONG), WBF 2:19

3rd Ryan Sonderegger (SME) def. Leif Goleman (DES), 9-4

5th Michael Brakenhoff (CG) def. Cody Linn (AB), 18-2

7th Chase Abel (BAL) def. Lance Fink (LAN), WBF 4:17

9th Brian Wood (MV)

189 lbs.

1st Ryan Civils (LAN) def. Chase Elliot (MV), WBF 3:44

3rd Kolton Kono (OP) def. Jake Tech (AB), WBF 5:26

5th Luke Halford (BAL) def. Ryan Griffen (SFT), WBF 3:36

7th Eric Wright (MARY) def. Matt Below (DES), WBF 2:27

9th Caleb Chaney (CG)

215 lbs.

1st Alex Mercer (DES) def. Logan Ryan (LAN), 9-8

3rd Macks McCollum (RV) def. Brandon Cone (BAL), WBF 4:34

5th Kris Schneider (AB) def. Mikhail Galich (OP), 13-6

7th Joe Beck (MV) def. Gary McPherson (SFT), WBF 4:14

9th Nathan Kirkland (MARY) def. Dan Adkins (CG), WBF 1:42

275 lbs.

1st Tyler Thoreson (MARY) def. Jake Roepke (RV), WBF 1:15

3rd Jonathan Dalman (OP) def. Charlie Shively (SFT), WBF 3:37

5th Bryan Roddy (DES) def. Mycol Bowen (LAN-UN), WBF :33

7th Stuart Andres (CG) def. Jeff Frank (TONG), WBF 1:59

9th Brandon Reed (BAL) def. Brett Wessell (LAN), WB Inj. Def.

MOST OUTSTANDING WRESTLER (as voted by coaches):

Zack Bailey, Oak Park, 135 lbs.

GORRARIAN AWARD (most falls in the least amount of time):

Justin Wiscombe, Santa Fe Trail, 171 lbs.

TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD (as voted on by officials):

Mill Valley, head coach Travis Keal


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