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Chamber gives its Web site a new look

June 2, 2005

The Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce Web site has been given a facelift.

After a six-month period in which the Web site went without a single update, it now has a new design and is updated almost daily.

Charlie Gregor, executive vice president of the chamber, said the changes were made because the old Web site didn't look as attractive as it should have and it wasn't easy to get to various programs.

"It's much more attractive and easier for users now," he said. "It gives much better access to our membership directory. So when people log on to find a service from one of our members they can find the member and what the member has to offer much easier than before."

Gregor said his secretary, Lindsey Aytes, made the updates to the Web site with the help of Microsoft's Front Page software.

"I changed the Web site's whole look in the last month," Aytes said. "It had this different background and I made it a little more up to date."

The Web site's new design features an index on the left side and contact links on the top.

Aytes said now that the Web site was up to date, rather than telling callers about local businesses she refers them to the Web site.

Gregor said the Web site would help the most in August and September when new families move to Fort Leavenworth.

"I'm sure we'll get a lot of hits during that time," he said. "They will want to find places to go buy furniture or service their cars."

Gregor said the Web site also attracts a lot of people who use the site to look for attractions.

The Web site previously didn't keep track of total hits, but now it would, Gregor said. The Web site received only 14 hits over this past weekend, but Gregor said he thought that was pretty good for a Web site that just became reader-friendly.


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