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Sales tax collections on the rise

June 2, 2005

Development continue to drive sales tax dollars this year in Basehor and Leavenworth County.

According to the Kansas Department of Revenue, Basehor's sales tax figures went up significantly in April, compared with last year. The $15,159 posted in April this year represents a 48.1 percent increase from the $10,234 in April 2004.

"That's encouraging," Basehor Mayor Chris Garcia said. "We know we are getting more services in town, which generate sales tax returns that go into our funds."

Garcia said he would like money collected through sales tax spent on projects or improvements that would benefit all city residents. Funding for the police department and infrastructure improvements were among the possible candidates to receive funding, he said.

In addition, Leavenworth County's sales tax figures also increased from the previous year.

This year's latest total of $419,845 represents a 13.7 percent increase from the previous April's total collection of $369,180.

Much of the commercial growth and the increased spending is likely attributed to an increased number of rooftops in the area and fallout from some nearby large-scale developments.

"Southern Leavenworth County still has a lot of land available for making improvements and adding subdivisions and commercial (businesses)," Garcia said. "Those options in Johnson County and other areas may have run out, and a lot of it is coming down the road from the speedway and Village West (to us).

"Builders and developers are coming to us because we have something to offer."

In Bonner Springs, Edwardsville and Wyandotte County, April sales tax figures also saw increases over the previous year.

According to the revenue department, Bonner Springs' April sales tax total for this year was $156,011. That number represents a 15.4 percent increase over the $135,185 from April of 2004.

Likewise, the $17,052 Edwardsville total from the year represents a 44.7 percent increase from the April 2004 total of $11,784.

For Wyandotte County, the $1,534,020 total from April of this year represents a 30.3 percent increase over the April 2004 total of $1,117,178.

The totals quoted by the department of revenue represent money that was turned over by the state to the specific city or county for the specific timeframe noted.

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