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Basehor police crack down on excessive noise

June 9, 2005

The Basehor Police Department is trying to put a little quiet back into peace and quiet.

Police department officials announced Friday that they will begin enforcing a "zero tolerance policy" for noise violations within the city. Specifically, police pointed to an on-going problem regarding loud music from car stereo systems.

Police said they have received several complaints from residents upset with loud music coming from vehicles.

"These high-dollar, 21st century, state-of-the-art stereos are causing quite a stir here in the city," according to a press release from Basehor Police Chief Terry Horner. "Citizens want to be free from loud music and harassment. We had one citizen say that he was eating his dinner with his wife and the bass of a boom box was so loud it shook his pictures on the house walls. In addition, this specific boom box vehicle drove by about 11 times on a nice Sunday afternoon, which compounded the situation for the homeowner."

Horner said the police have been conducting stationary patrols in all parts of the city to listen and ticket vehicles coming down the street with excessively loud music. City ordinance states if you can hear music more than 50 feet away, "then it is too loud."

"Some of these systems we can hear coming 500 feet if not further and this is clearly a violation," Horner said. He added, "We are asking the boom box owners to keep it down in the city or they are going to receive a ticket from the city officers."

Tickets for violations carry a mandatory court appearance before a municipal judge.

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