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Leavenworth Riptides swimming results

June 23, 2005

Team scores: Leavenworth Riptides 351, Fun Valley 246.

Event: Free Relay:

6U B & G: 1st LV Ally Campbell, Larkin Reilly, Daniel Christie, Charlie Peterson 3: 27

8 U B: 1st LV Alex Hamlett, Logan Lee, Connor Johnson, David Christie 1:27 2nd LV: Paul Gilbert, Clark Peterson, Ryan Jaqua, Max Cambell 2:13

8uG: 1st LV Mary Clare Peterson, Haven Stutz, Mekayla Depaolis, Dee Dee Tisdel 2:00

10UB: 1st LV: Isaac Tisdel, David Falk, Ben Fisher, Michael Quinn 3:30

10UG: 2nd LV: Taylor Wiseman, Rachael Koone, Maggie Cambell, Olivia Theus 3:44

12UB: 1st :LV: Nick Andring, Tyler Heintzelman, James Bates, Mitchelle Denney 3:06

12UG: 1stLV: Lacie Falk, Greer Fisher, Kristen Gould, Lauren Jaqua 2:30

3rdLV: Ashley Dwire, Mary Kate Metivier, Jennifer Gilbert, Alyssa Hamlet 3:44

14UB: 2nd LV: Justin Lozenski, Sam Metivier, Charlie Harrison, Randy Harrison 2:54

14UG: 1st LV: Lauren Denney, Kassidi Livingston, Carly Stowe, Ravyn Teters 2:13 3rd: Amanda Parr, Hannah Hecht, Molly Mathews, Julia Bates 2:35

18UB & G: 1st: Rebecca Griffith, Leah Mease, Katie Cornelius, Nathan Blaney 2:02

EVENT: Freestyle

6UB: 2nd: Daniel Christie 54:44, 3rd Charlie Peterson 1:11

6UG: 1st Mekayla Depaolis 31:59, 2nd, Haven Stutz 33:21,3rd Ally Cambell 39.04, 4th Larkin Reilly 41.97

8UB: 1st Connor Johnson 17:18,2nd David Christie 18:89, 3rd Alex Hamlet 24:04, 4th Jack Reilly 27:01, 5th Logan Lee 29:08, 6th Ryan Jaqua 29:93, 7th Max Cambell 30:29

8UG: 2nd Mary Claire Peterson 26:88, 5th Dee Dee Tisdel 29:83

10UB: 1st David Falk 46.96, 4th Michael Quinn 49:54,5th Isaac Tisdel 57:32, 6th Ben Fisher 59.66

10UG: 1st Mary Thorne 41.81,4th Amanda Hamlett 46.22,5th Olivia Theus 52.41,6th Emily Rubic 54.73, 7th Taylor Wiseman57:97, 8th Maggie Cambell 58:59

12UB: 1st Alex Johnson 31:20,4th Nicholas Andring 41:19. 5th Mitchell Denney 45:23, 6th Tyler Heintzelman 49:18, 7th Justin Lozenski 50:66, 8th James Morley 52:58

12UG: 2nd Lauren Jaqua 31:74, 3rd Shyann Winkler 33:29, 4th Kristen Gould 35.93,6th Lacie Falk 38:94,7th Hannah Hecht 40:89,8th Greer Risher 41:87

14UB: 2nd Randy Harrison 31:12

14UG: 1st Ravyn Teeter 34:13. 2nd Lauren Denney 34:19, 3rd Carly Stowe 35.00, 4th Kassidi Livingston 35:03,6th Julia Bates 37:40,8th Amanda Parr 39:06

18UB: 3rd Nathan Blaney 29:09

18UG: 1st Rebecca Giffith 29:60,2nd Katie Cornelius 29:98, 3rd Megan Denney 33:12,4th Leah Mease 33.55,5th Jessica Bradford 33.70, 7th T.C. Littrice 34:49


8UB: 1st: Connor Johnson 18:36, 2nd David Christie 22:83,3rd Alex Hamlet 35.62,4th Max Cambell 42.07

8UG: 2nd Dee Dee Tisdel37:36

10UB: 3rd David Falk 1:04,4th Isaac Tisdel 1:09, 5th Ben Fisher 1:32

10UG: 1st Mary Thorne 49:25,4th Olivia Theus 1:135th Amanda Hamlet 1:13 6th Rachael Koone 1:15

12UB: 1st Alex Johnson 33:76, 3rd Nicholas Andring 55:39,5th Mitchelle Denney 56.80, 6th Tyler Heintzelman, 59:15,7th Justin Lozenski 1:16

12UG: 2nd Shyann Winkler 41:40, 3rd Lauren Jaqua 41.96, 4th Kristen Gould 43:62,5th Lacie Falk 47:92,7th Hannah Hecht 53:37

14UB: 3rd Charlie Harrison 58:54

14UG: 1st Ravyn Teeters 38:76, 2nd Kassidi Livingston 41:68, 3rd Carly Stowe 41:94, 4th Lauren Denney 44:38,

18UB: 3rd Nathan Blaney 38:05

18UG: 1st Katie Cornelius 36:76, 3rd Leah Mease 38:58,4th Jessica Bradford 40:70,5th T. C. Littrice 46.40, 8th Megan Denney 50:57


6UB: 1st Daniel Christie 35:47

6UG: 1st Mekayla Depaolis 31:73, 2nd Haven Stutz 34:70, 3rd Ally Cambell 44:35, 4th Larkin Reilly 53:38

8UB: 1st Connor Johnson 21:87,2nd Jack Reilley 32:57, 3rd Paul Gilbert 34:25, 4th Clark Peterson 34:26,6th Logan Lee 38:57, 7th Luke Lozenski 50:77

8UG: 2nd Dee Dee Tisdel 29:34, 4th Mary Claire Peterson 36:53

10UB: 3rd Ben Fisher 1:10

10UG: 1st Mary Thorne 51:89, 2nd Amanda Hamlet 56:01, 3rd Taylor Wiseman 1:00,5th Maggie Cambell 1:10, 6th Emily Ruble 1:11, 7th Rachael Koone 1:11

12UB: 1st Alex Johnson 39:14, 4th Nicholas Andering 52:96, 5th Sam Metivier 1:02, 6th James Morley 1:02, 7th Justin Lozenski 1:02, 8th James Bates 1:04

12UG: 2nd Lauren Jaqua 37:22, 3rd Shyann Winkler 42:09, 5th Hannah Hecht 47.95, 7th Jennifer Gilbert 59:19

14UB: 1st Ravyn Teeters 39:77, 2nd Kassidi Livingston 40:36, 4th Lauryn Denney 44:58, 7th Amanda Parr 49:25

18UB: 2nd Megan Denney 41:45, 3rd Nathan Blaney 42:12

18UG: 1st Rebecca Griffith 34:63, 2nd Jessica Bradford 36:28, 4th Leah Mease 40:58

EVENT: Breast:

8UB: 1st Connor Johnson 23:06,2nd David Christie 24:72,3rd Jack Reilly 34:47, 4th Paul Gilbert 42.53

8UG: 2nd Dee Dee Tisdel 32:33, 3rd Mary Claire Peterson 35:27,

10UB: 1st David Falk 59:93, 3rd Michael Quinn 1:02

10UG: 1st Mary Thorne 49:23, 4th Olivia Theus 1:10,6th Maggie Cambell 1:15,7th Taylor Wiseman 1:21

12UB: 1st Alex Johson 43:22, 3rd Mitchell Denney 52:24, 4th Sam Metivier 52:34, 5th Tyler Heintzelman 57:55, 6th James Bates 59:61

12UG: 2nd Shyann Winkler 44:53, 3rd Kristen Gould 45:14, 4th Lauren Jaqua 48:30, 5th Lacie Falk 50.23,7th Mary Kate Metivier 57.78, 8th Jennifer Gilbert 59.65

14UB: 2nd Randy Harrison 43:64, 3rd Charlie Harrison 50:96

14UG: 1st Carly Stowe, 42.96, 3rd Lauren Denney 46.60, 4th Julia Bates 46.94,8th Molly Mathews 56.80

18UB: 3rd Nathan Blaney 41.75

18UG: 1st Katie Cornelius 40.22, 2nd Rebecca Griffith 40.77, 3rd Megan Denney 44.73, 4th Jessica Bradford 44.98

EVENT: Individual Medley (swim 25 yards of each stroke: Fly, Back, Breast, Free)

8UB: 1st Connor Johnson 1:35, 2nd David Christie 1:54

8UG: 1st Dee Dee Tisdel 2:26

10UB: 1st David Falk 1:57, 3rd Isaac Tisdel 2:15

10UG: 1st Mary Thorne 1:46, 4th Olivia Theus 2:13, 5th Rachael Koone 2:25

12UB: 1st Alex Johnson 1:23, 3rd Mitchell Denney 1:57, 4th Tyler Heintzelman 2:08, 5th Justin Lozenski 2:22, 6th Sam Metivier 2:23, 7th James Morley 2:26

12UG: 2nd Lauren Jaqua 1:29, 3rd Shyann Winkler 1:30, 4th Lacie Falk 1:36, 5th Kristen Gould 1:37, 7th Hannah Hecht 1:45, 8th Mary Kate Metivier 2:03

14UB:2nd Randy Harrison 1:32

14UG: 1st RAvyn Teeters 1:28., 2nd Carly Stowe 1:30,3rd Kassidi Livinginston 1:32, 5th Julie Bates 1:36, 6th Amanda Parr 1:41

18UG:1st Katie Cornelius 1:17, 2nd Rebecca Griffith 1:18, 3rd Leah Mease 1:30, 6th Megan Denney 1:57

EVENT: Medley Relay ( each person swims one of the four strokes-back, breast, fly, free)

8UB 1st Jack Reilly, MaX Cambell, David Christie, Ryan Jaqua 2:07

10UG: 1st Taylor Wiseman, Olviia Theus, Mary Thorne, Maggie Cambell 4:03

12UB: 1st Nicholas Andring, Alex Johnson, Mitchell Denney, Tyler Heintzelman 3:13

12UG: 1st Hannah Hecht, Kristen Gould, Shyann Winkler, Lacie Falk 2:58

14UB: 1st James Morley, Charlie Harrison, Sam Metivier, Randy Harrison 3:51

14UG: 1st Amanda Parr, Ravyn Teeters, Julia Bates, Lauren Denney 2:51, 3rd Mary Kate Metivier, Emily Ruble, Carly Stowe, Molly Mathews 3:34

18UG: 2nd Jessica Bradford, Lauren Denney, Katie Cornelius, Rebecca Griffith 2:26


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