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Change of seasons always welcome

June 23, 2005

"There's a time in each year

That we always hold dear,

Good old summer time"

You may not have noticed, but the season changed this week from spring to summer.

It's not a momentous occasion. But it is a change that should be embraced here in Kansas, where we actually get to enjoy all four seasons.

The hours of sunlight each day that have gotten longer all spring now will begin to slowly give way. The rapidly changing weather that in the past three months brought us cold days and hot days, sunny days and stormy days, will become mostly sunny and hot. Humidity will skyrocket and chase us into air-conditioned comfort.

But before we start bemoaning the "good old summer time," let's remember the words of another cherished song: "Summertime, and the living is easy."

And as long as we live in Kansas - or anyplace else where the seasons change - in three short months, summer will change over to fall.


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