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New meaning to cold-blooded

June 30, 2005

Some thoughts as the Kansas Legislature continues to fritter away state funds at the rate of at least $34,500 for each day of the special session :

Reading accounts of confessed serial killer Dennis Rader's court appearance gave new meaning to the term "cold-blooded murderer." Rader, who terrorized Wichita during the 1970s and '80s as "BTK" - short for his modus operandi, Bind, Torture, Kill - pleaded guilty Monday to 10 murders. His matter-of-fact recounting of the slayings for the court, we can only hope, is the last public perversion for Rader. :

The U.S. Supreme Court this week handed down two related rulings that have constitutional scholars collectively scratching their heads and wondering, "What the heck?" The justices on one hand said Texas could keep a Ten Commandments monument on its statehouse grounds but held that Ten Commandment displays inside two Kentucky courthouses were an unconstitutional establishment of religion by government. Perhaps this is the court's way of saying its caseload isn't heavy enough and to go ahead and let us determine all similar issues on a case-by-case basis. If that's the case maybe the justices should dump their summer recess, which annually extends from late June to October, and work year round like the rest of us. :

Closer to home, what is so difficult about a contractor first heading over to City Hall to apply for a permit before building a fence? If the practice of ignoring the city code requirement continues, the City Council should play hardball and order such fences to be torn down. :

Congratulations to Wayne Simien, selected Tuesday night in the NBA Draft by the Miami Heat. The born-again Simien, who wore the colors at Leavenworth High School before attending the University of Kansas, will bring much needed class to the professional basketball ranks. :

And hats off to the United States as we observe the country's 229th birthday this coming Monday. Liberal or conservative, Northerner or Southerner, East Coast, West Coast or Midwest, Red State or Blue State, rural or urban, rich or poor, Christian, Muslim or Jew, white, black, Hispanic or otherwise, we continue to have much to celebrate for being able to call this land our home.


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