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Progressive thinking

March 3, 2005

To the editor:

This is in response to some of the comments and issues brought up in the article (Feb. 24) by some of the City Council members.

In regards to building a new school and some possible uses for the Elementary and Intermediate schools, I was angered to hear Ken Ketchum's quote that there is nothing wrong with the schools and conditions were worse when he went to school. It is this kind of thinking that will keep Lansing stuck in the dark ages when it comes to our children's education.

We need to think and act progressively and not wait until the schools are falling apart to make a decision. I think Lansing school district officials have clearly stated why we need to move into the 21st century when it comes to the condition of our schools.

It was also pointed out that citizens are concerned about what will happen with the current schools. I, for one, could care less. Having schools that are safe and conducive to higher education is far more important to me than what can be stored in the old schools. I would hope most other citizens would feel the same.

It's time we stop thinking about the past and move forward to make Lansing schools even better.

Jason Ernzen



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