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Opinion: It’s not quite madness!!!

March 3, 2005

By the time the ink on this page dries, Basehor-Linwood High School will be finalizing preparations for one more weekend of exciting high school basketball action.

Unfortunately, the host school won't be playing.

Despite strong finishes to the regular season by both the Basehor-Linwood girls and boys basketball teams, the only way they'll see the floor this weekend is by viewing it from the stands.

And that's too bad --or a lot of reasons.

First of all, behind the leadership of athletic director Joe Keeler and dozens of dedicated faculty members, BLHS has proven year-in and year-out that it is as fine a host of big-time tournament action as any school in the state. It would've been nice if their efforts could've gone toward supporting the home team.

Secondly, at least one of the Bobcat basketball teams deserved to be there, the girls for their stellar season and impressive second-half streak, or the boys for their dedication and constant improvement.

Take your pick.

The boys entered Sub-state play as a long-shot to advance to the next round. Staring down at them from the top of the bracket was top-seeded Sumner Academy and its imposing 17-2 record.

Give the boys credit, though, they battled Sumner in the first round on Monday night. It just appears the hill was too high to climb.

The girls had a more realistic shot at advancing, but their season came to a disappointing close Tuesday at Bishop Ward.

I feel bad for this group, but not for the reasons you might suspect. Let's face it, with as many talented freshman and sophomores as Mardy Robinson has at her disposal, this squad will likely play plenty of Sub-state games before their careers are over. I wish them luck in the future.

But my heart goes out to seniors Morgan Kenney and Sammy Paterson. These girls deserved one more chance to play in front of the home fans in their own gymnasium. They deserved to feel the rush that comes with taking the floor and the excitement associated with playoff basketball.

They gave the last four years of their lives to this program, and finally had a chance to taste success. I consider both girls champions, and wish them luck in their futures, as well.

So the Bobcats won't be around this weekend. That doesn't mean the folks in Basehor should stay at home. In both the boys and girls brackets there are some incredibly talented teams and the potential for some outstanding games.

Take the boys bracket for instance. You've got two of the top four teams in the state in Atchison and Sumner, along with a little local flavor in the hot Bonner Springs Braves.

I know it's against the law in Basehor to root for Bonner, but see if you can find it in your hearts to get out there and support your Kaw Valley League counterparts.

Same goes for the girls side of the bracket with Tonganoxie. The Tongie girls are good --eal good. They've got a shot to win state. Why not hoot and holler for them as they begin their journey.

I know these last two paragraphs are maddening, but isn't that what March is all about?

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