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Youths compete at annual County 4-H Club Day

March 10, 2005

"Speak up."

"Don't fidget."

"Look at the judge."

These were words of advice for many of those participating in the recent Leavenworth County 4-H Club Day competition. Youth members of 4-H Clubs throughout the county put their presentation skills to the test in a variety of contests. Judges were on hand to evaluate the contests that included everything from proper club meeting parliamentary procedure to individual demonstrations. Whether it was singing a solo, showing how to cook a dinner entree or dancing with a few friends, 4-H members gained a vote of confidence as they worked to conquer their project skills and public presentation fears.

Beth Hecht, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent, called 4-H a community of young people across America who were learning leadership, citizenship and life skills through the group.

"County 4-H Club Day is just one of the many annual events we have that helps our members achieve the goal of becoming productive adults," she said.

Four-H Club Day contestants are evaluated by judges, given feedback and presented an award. Top winners will compete for regional honors Saturday at the Atchison Grade School in Atchison.

Results of Leavenworth County 4-H Club Day were:

Model Meetings

Top Blue: Happy Hollow 4-H Club

Alternate Top Blue: Livewires 4-H Club

Blue: Boling 4-H Club

Reds: Bell 4-H Club; Friendship Valley 4-H Club; Happy Helpers 4-H Club

Project Talks

Top Blue: David Campbell, Livewires

Top Blue: Austin Wiley, Reno Bobwhites

Alternate Top Blue: Kelsi Briggs, Happy Helpers

Blue: Megan Briggs, Happy Helpers

Reds: Christy Wiley, Reno Bobwhites; Danielle Sigmon, Fort Leavenworth SAS; Mary Butler, Friendship Valley; Harland Cooper, Happy Hollow

Public Speaking

Top Blue: Nicole Allen, Reno Bobwhites

Top Blue: Jason Miles, Reno Bobwhites

Blues: Trey Lohman, Friendship Valley; Sarah Smith, Happy Helpers; Shannon Smith, Happy Helpers

Senior Demonstrations/ Illustrated Talks

Top Blues: Audrey Knapp, Glenwood; Kelly Yunghans, Livewires

Alternate Top Blue: Tyler Lohman, Friendship Valley

Blue: Ben, Stephanie, Jacob Reynolds, Reno Bobwhites

Reds: Alex Kissinger, Happy Helpers; Hillary Mosbacher, Boling

Junior Demonstrations/ Illustrated Talks

Top Blues: John Ernzen/ Andrew Heim, Bell; Matthew Briggs, Happy Helpers

Alternate Top Blue: Carl Hecht, Livewires

Blues: Lauren Hoge, Wranglers; Dustin Zink, Stranger Creek; Abe Buddish, Friendship Valley; Anna Buddish, Friendship Valley; Destiny Mestagh, Happy Helpers

Reds: Cody Heim, Bell; Kayla Heim, Bell; Karisa Garber, Boling; Taylor Kraft, Boling; Sean Sullivan, Boling; Katie Campbell, Livewires; Kenny Campbell, Livewires

Whites: Meghan Kraft, Boling; Victoria Thompson, Boling


Top Blue: Kayla Lansing, Bell

Alternate Top Blue: James Bailey, Mayginnis Hustlers

Blues: Kevin Lansing, Bell; Meghan Sullivan, Boling; Carl Hecht, Livewires; Madison Eddy, Northeast Leavenworth; Ben Reilly, Reno Bobwhites; Austin Wiley, Reno Bobwhites

Reds: Kyle Lansing, Bell; Abe Jacobs, Reno Bobwhites; Karisa Garber, Boling; Emily Knapp, Glenwood

Whites: Harland Cooper, Happy Hollow; Justin Van-Way, Northeast Leavenworth; Marissa Moody, Northeast Leavenworth; Ben Jacobs, Reno Bobwhites

Creative Drama

Top Blue: Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club

Mini 4-H (Ages 5& 6)

Participants: Mable Mestagh, Happy Helpers; Abigail Eddy, Northeast Leavenworth; Lane Hecht, Livewires; Ashley Zink, Stranger Creek; Alex Zink, Stranger Creek

Other Individual Talent

Top Blue: Anna Buddish, Friendship Valley

Small Group Dance

Top Blue: Bell 4-H Club

Reds: Bell & Happy Hollow 4-H Club; Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club; Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club

Medium Group Dance

Red: Fort Leavenworth SAS

Piano Solo

Top Blue: Vanessa Redford, Bell

Alternate Top Blue: Nicole Allen, Reno Bobwhites

Blue: Stephanie Reynolds, Reno Bobwhites; Blue: Sadie Jane Johnson, Boling; Blue: Jacob Allen, Happy Hollow

Reds: Jillian Cole, Bell; Emily Knapp, Glenwood; Tyler Lunsford, Happy Hollow; Alicia Ciszewski, Mayginnis Hustlers

Instrumental Solo

Top Blue: Eleanor Heimbaugh, Glenwood

Alternate Top Blue: Morgan Warren, Fort Leavenworth SAS

Blues: Gelia Gardner, Livewires; Blue: Nick Savidge, Boling

Red: James Bailey, Mayginnis Hustlers

Instrumental Ensemble

Red: Mayginnis Hustlers 4-H Club

Vocal Solo

Top Blue: Jason Miles, Reno Bobwhites

Alternate Top Blue: Alexandra Packard, Reno Bobwhites

Blues: Nicole Allen, Reno Bobwhites; Blue: Tina Allen, Reno Bobwhites

Red: Meghan Sullivan, Boling


Top Blue: Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club


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