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Opinon:To everything there is a season

Just wait: the approach of Spring

March 10, 2005

Kansas weather has long been known for its changeability, but one of the nice things about that is that at this time of the year, the changes are often for the better.

If, as the poet said, April is the cruelest month, then March must certainly qualify as the most frustrating, when one day's balmy temperatures are too often replaced the next day with cold, north winds and a reminder that we haven't yet escaped winter's hold. And, come to think of it, the changes aren't always overnight, either. Monday was such a case in point, when a blustery north wind that came through in mid-afternoon turned a comfortable day into a decided crisp one.

But, fear not. The change is inexorable, and one of these days it will come. Before too long, we'll see the first buds of new flowers and new trees, smell that primordial aroma the earth gives off when the sun warms it enough to release the perfumes that have been bound up through a cold winter. The wind, too, will change, so that it carries on its breezes a hint, not of the frigid north, but of warmer climes to the south.

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