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March 10, 2005

To the editor:

I am dismayed to hear these comments attributed to my Ward 4 Council member Ken Ketchum in Jason Ernzen's Letter to the Editor (March 3):

": I was angered to hear Ken Ketchum's quote that there is nothing wrong with the schools and conditions were worse when he went to school. It is this kind of thinking that will keep Lansing stuck in the dark ages when it comes to our children's education."

To say conditions were worse in the 1940s when he attended school is a given. I would hope expectations for our children's education have increased in the past six decades. Mr. Ketchum's opinions are atrocious, especially for a city that has the motto "The city with a future." My children are entering the final stages of education in this fine school district. My family has established roots in Lansing and we will continue to support, vote for and pay for any tax increases for the school system long after our kids have moved on. Strong schools are vital to any growing community.

What concerns me even more is that Mr. Ketchum is aligned with the current Lansing mayor, Ken Bernard, in his re-election bid. To me, this means the mayor is also shortsighted in his plans for the city's future. This has solidified in my mind the need for change in the City Council. On April 5, I will definitely vote for change, starting with the mayor. I understand that Mr. Ketchum is running unopposed to retain his seat. If I had known of his archaic opinions prior to the candidate submission cutoff date, I would have thrown my name in the ring. We need change for the better, not a push for the past. If the fine citizens of Ward 4 want to start a write-in campaign for a new council member to oppose the backwards thinking of Mr. Ketchum, I would proudly serve.

Mike Schwind



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