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On-again, off-again campaign is back on

March 17, 2005

The Basehor City Council race just got a lot more interesting.

With only three weeks remaining until the April 5 general election, Bob Moore announced his intention to re-enter the race for the two Council seats that will be up for grabs next month.

"I've decided to go back in the race," Moore said Tuesday. "I said I was going to sponsor the two other guys, but I witnessed Mr. (Terry) Thomas miss two of the last three Council meetings."

Moore, who was the No. 4 vote-getter in the March 1 primary election, originally decided to bow out of the race a few days before the primary. Nevertheless, he advanced past the primary to face Thomas, David Povilonis and incumbent Keith Sifford in a fight for the two open seats.

However, Moore's mind began to shift immediately following the primary, when he told The Sentinel that he was considering re-entering the race. He said he seriously shifted his thinking toward re-emerging Sunday and finalized the decision Monday evening when he noticed Thomas' absence from a City Council meeting.

Moore, who said he has attended Council meetings regularly for three or four years, said he believes a candidate needs to devote a significant amount of time to city government. That obligation, he said, begins before taking office and is accomplished by familiarizing oneself witch current city issues and happenings by attending meetings.

Although there are now fewer than three weeks to go before the general election, Moore said he will make an active push to win the seat. He plans to bring his message to the voters by making numerous phone calls and enlisting the support of those who voted for him this month and asked him to reconsider his withdraw from the race. He also plans to place handmade signs around town and is making arrangements to participate in the March 23 candidate forum.

Even though time is tight, Moore said he thinks he can pull off a victory.

"I have had a lot of feedback and a lot of people in town told me they thought I should have kept going and not gotten out," he said.

If elected, Moore said he plans fight for cutting down on what he deems as excessive time city officials spend in executive session. He said he will also work toward bringing the Council toward quicker action and avoid long, drawn out discussions and delays in action.

The candidate said he recognizes the state of renewal the city may be in, at least personnel-wise, given the departure of former City Administrator David Fuqua and former Treasurer Barron Powell and Mayor Joseph Scherer's decision not to seek re-election. He said he wants to be a key part in any rebuilding process and wants to help the city avoid decisions that "they get burned on."

"One person can't do it alone and I don't know if I can do it better, but I am sure going to try," Moore said.

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