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Get the facts

March 24, 2005

To the editor:

I see that one of Lansing's newest residents is at it again. Mr. Visocsky's views are not facts just because they are printed in a newspaper. His latest letter "Taxing Times" (March 17) is loaded with distorted facts and half truths:

¢ We take in around 100 out-of-district students but lose around 80. If the district did not take in these students, we would lose $3,863 in funding for every student who lives in the district but is not enrolled.

¢ His figure of "258.265 mills" is so absurd that it would be actually laughable if not for the chance someone would believe it. By his logic, if you mortgaged your house at a rate of 5 percent for 20 years, you would end up paying 100 percent interest. His math just does not add up.

¢ Mr. Visocsky has confused the recent annexation and bond issues. I live in the newly annexed area. I donated to and joined Mr. Visocsky's organization challenging the validity of the annexation. I now regret my association with Mr. Visocsky's organization. I disagree with many of his public comments about the annexation. He has incorrectly represented the amount of the tax increase to the annexed patrons by combining the bond issue increase with the annexation increase. I hope that people living in the newly annexed area of Lansing will see that the annexation and the bond issue are two separate issues.

¢ Yes, the total price of the bond has increased from $16.8 million to $23.6 million. But the individual taxpayers' cost is much less. The 2003 bond issue had a rate of 9 mills. This bond issue has a rate of 3.773 mills, due to a larger tax base and lower interest rates. This is a good long-range plan for the district.

¢ Who are the members of Taxpayers for Responsible School Funding? Is there such a committee, or does Mr. Visocsky just feel the need to hide his personal views behind labels?

I urge every voter to go to and read the facts. Please get the facts from professionals who we entrust to provide a quality education for our children.

Laurie Holden



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