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March 24, 2005

To the editor:

The education of our children is both a right and an obligation. It is a right guaranteed to us by our Constitution and an obligation because our children are our future and legacy. My children and one grandchild graduated from Lansing USD, and my granddaughter currently attends Lansing High School. The decision I made in 1978 to build my home in Lansing was based upon the reputation of the Lansing schools.

Lansing USD 469 is currently rated No. 1 out of 24 school districts in Johnson, Wyandotte, Atchison, Jefferson and Miami counties based upon ACT scores achieved by our students (source: Ingram's magazine, May 2004). Some might argue that whatever we are doing in our school district is correct and nothing more is required of us. But our success is based upon more than good teachers, good students and good parenting. We also need good infrastructure. This translates to modern schools that are capable of delivering the needs of our children in the 21st century. Our elementary schools (K-5) are severely outdated, in need of repair and, in some cases, unsafe. Our parents made the same choices we are being asked to make when it comes to supporting a school bond issue to raise money for new schools. Now it's our turn to provide for the children of our community now and in the future.

In my view, our schools are at the very core of our community. They demonstrate our commitment to our children and our future. Families locate where they have access to good schools, and businesses locate where people live. The more businesses we have, the more tax revenue we generate to provide the resources to fix our streets, parks, sewers, and provide for the health, safety and security of our citizens.

With every year that passes, the cost of building a new school increases. Building materials, the cost of labor and interest rates will increase over time. I don't think we can afford to wait any longer. I intend to cast my vote for our children's future and that of our community. Please join me in voting YES for the school bond issue.

Bob Ulin

Council member, Ward 3


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