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Different group of parents

March 31, 2005

To the Editor:

Wow! I was completely blown away with the "Vote No" statement, "Don't fall for the 'Do it for the Children' guilt trip." It really made me wonder how many parents belong to this Parents Dedicated to Quality Education group. From what I can tell, this group has done no educational research or fact-finding. I see their dedication to not raising taxes, but NO real dedication to quality education for Lansing students, as the name claims. It leaves me to wonder how the group would continue its "Dedication to Quality Education" if the bond fails. I expect that this group will disappear until the next tax issue occurs.

To make education and learning the priority (like the "Vote No" group demands), it takes buildings that fit those needs. The "Vote No" proponents have seized on the auditorium as a "luxury." Currently our schools have inadequate facilities for practice and performance for the performing arts. More fundamentally, I hope that our community does not feel that performing arts are luxuries for our children. Just as the more "core" educational subjects are important to our students, performing arts are an important part of the well-rounded education that Lansing should provide.

Neighboring communities have stepped up in recent years and passed bonds, including districts that are largely farm-based communities. It is now Lansing's turn to look to its future. I do not believe that the "Parents Dedicated to Quality Education" have our students as their first priority. I understand how easy it is to vote no for the simple fact that it raises taxes. But, I believe the bond is a sound, well thought-out proposal. As for me, I will be voting yes, raising my own taxes, but more importantly, showing true dedication to the education of our children and improving my community.

Shelley Hecht


Parent against the Parents Dedicated to Quality Education


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