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A good day to fly

March 31, 2005

An armada filled the skies over Glenwood Ridge Elementary School this week as 60 third-graders flew their kites over the school to celebrate Kite Day.

On Tuesday afternoon, the weather was ripe for flying kites: a strong southern wind fluttered the kites' fabric and voices from students and teachers could barely be heard over the warm, but powerful breezes.

Glenwood Ridge officials came up with the idea for Kite Day as a way for students to not only enjoy the warm, spring weather and have fun doing so, but also as hands-on preparation for their next unit in science class, weather.

School officials said the Kite Day activity will give the students a first-hand knowledge of wind directions, wind speed and surfaces that are more aerodynamic in the high breezes than others.

Other activities Tuesday included studying the history of kites and understanding their symmetry.

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