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Public servant memorial under consideration

March 31, 2005

Following an emotional memorial service for a fallen firefighter in January, two Basehor City Council members got the idea to honor public servants who died while serving in the line of duty with a memorial, which could possibly be located at Basehor City Park.

Nearly four months has passed since a memorial service for Fairmount Township firefighter Jared Moore took place at Savior of the World in Kansas City, Kan. It was there, shortly after the service had ended, that City Council member Keith Sifford initially discussed the idea for a city-sponsored memorial with Basehor mayor Joseph Scherer.

Time has done nothing to dull Sifford's desire to have a memorial or monument of some type erected for fallen public servants.

"It kind of inspired you a little," Sifford said of the service for Moore. "But, it's not like this is something emotionally driven. Emotions fade. There needs to be something permanent that says this happened. Something that says somebody did this. Something that says somebody sacrificed for somebody else.

"I think it's a good idea. Regardless of what it is, I think anything done for them would be something everybody would be happy with."

Earlier this month, the Fairmount Township Fire Department submitted a letter to the City Council seeking a site at Basehor City Park be donated for a memorial.

Basehor city officials requested the fire department submit the letter as a beginning step in moving forward with the possible project.

During a City Council meeting Monday, March 14, council members seemed to favor the memorial idea, but also wanted to add police officers to the list of public servants that could be honored.

No action was taken during the meeting, but discussions are expected to resume in coming weeks, city officials said.

Although different from his original idea, Sifford said he favored the amended plan.

"It's one of those things we want to see done," he said. "Certainly I hope we'll never need it, for police officers or firefighters. Nobody wants to see that happen, but I think (the memorial) is a good gesture and something the community would want and support."

Moore was the first local firefighter killed in the line of duty in nearly 30 years. According to city officials, no Basehor police officer has ever died while at work.

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