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May 5, 2005

Last week, during the Kansas Legislature's wrap-up session, lawmakers attempted to override Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' veto of three pieces of legislation.

Sebelius had vetoed House Bill 2503, a bill that would set new regulations, licensing and standards on abortion clinics; Senate Bill 123, an act that would give the state treasurer the authority to charge fees to state agencies for cash management; and House Bill 2014, which would clarify the role of ex officio members on the Kansas Water Authority.

All of the vetoes will stand after the House failed to gain the necessary two-thirds majority vote to override. The House's 82-42 votes on the abortion bill and state treasurer bill were two votes shy of an override. Its 83-41 vote on the Water Authority bill was one vote short of an override. The Senate voted 30-10 to override the governor's veto of SB 123. It did not vote on the abortion or Water Authority bill after the House failed to override.

Here's how area legislators voted (a yes vote was cast to override the veto, a no vote was to sustain):

HB 2503

Yes: Candy Ruff, Kenny Wilk

No: Marti Crow

SB 123


Yes: Roger Pine

No: Mark Gilstrap


Yes: Kenny Wilk

No: Marti Crow, Candy Ruff

HB 2014

Yes: Kenny Wilk

No: Marti Crow, Candy Ruff


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