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Lansing couple starts landscaping business

Duo hopes to provide ‘TLC’ to yards

May 5, 2005

A Lansing couple is turning their love for working outdoors into a business.

Neal and Jan Rumbaugh have begun operating Bittersweet Scenescapes, which specializes in landscaping, out of their home.

"I see a lot of houses that need TLC, shrub repair, landscaping, whatever," said Neal Rumbaugh, who gained experience in the business first working for an Earl May nursery in Nebraska.

"We also want to do plantings, mulch, rocks, more 'scenescaping,' wreath arrangements for doors," said Jan Rumbaugh, whose green thumb experience dates to the 1970s when her father developed the Adams Acres subdivision north Ida Street and east of De Soto Road.

Jan Rumbaugh said she and her mother did much of the plantings in the subdivision's early days.

Though they both have jobs outside of the landscaping business, it's always been in the back of their minds.

In 2000, they moved into a house at the corner of Ida Street and Valley Drive. The yard had been overgrown by bushes and trees, so the two got to work on it.

"This house looked terrible," Neal Rumbaugh said. "We caught some eyeballs with what we've done."

Comments about how good the yard looked turned into questions about landscaping - so many questions that the Rumbaughs decided to take the plunge with Bittersweet Scenescapes.

"I've had people when I was walking ask, 'Do you know what we can do here? Do you know what we can do there?' I just think it would be fun to help people with those kind of things," Jan Rumbaugh said.


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