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Theater opening postponed until November

May 5, 2005

Movie-goers may have to wait for the premiere of the Legends 14 theater at Village West in western Wyandotte County, but Unified Government officials tempered fans' disappointment this week by claiming the show will be better off for it.

Original plans called for Legends 14, a 14-screen, 3,000-seat movie theater, to be completed by this summer. However, a series of delays -- there have been some "minor issues" regarding design, budget and weather conditions -- have pushed back the opening until this fall.

"We were shooting for this summer, but it's been moved back to November," said Denise Hays, Unified Government special projects coordinator. "It wasn't like one big event slowed it down, and it will be nice to have a few of the shops open (by the premiere). That way there's more going on there than just the theater."

Hays said developers are targeting a completion date of late October and an early November opening for Legends 14.

The premiere is expected to coincide with that of several retail stores in the first phase of the Legends of Village West shopping center and entertainment district.

Representatives of RED Development, developers of The Legends of Village West, said they are not yet releasing what tenants will be opening inside the first phase.

Hays said tenants of the shopping center -- a plaza-like design, which will encompass approximately 700,000 square feet -- will be opened for business in three phases. After the initial phase one unveiling in November, phase two is scheduled for a late March or early April opening and "everything should be done" by next fall.

Village West will soon be joined by new businesses. Those set to open this summer are:

¢ An International House of Pancakes restaurant, which will be west of Amini's Galleria, is slated for a late June opening.

¢ Holiday Inn Express, which will be northeast of Nebraska Furniture Mart, is also scheduled to open in June.

¢ McDonald's, which has not yet begun construction, but is scheduled to open in August on ground at 106th Street and Parallel Road.

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