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Graduating senior offers thank-you to community

May 19, 2005

To the Citizens of Lansing, Kansas:

Happiness is not Lansing, Kansas, in your rearview mirror.

There is an old Mac Davis song about happiness being his hometown in the rearview mirror, and it isn't until the last verse that he pens that happiness is his hometown growing nearer and dearer. Although much of my class is leaving town and heading out for college, I believe not one of us feels that our happiness is complete without Lansing in our hearts. Some students may vocalize that they can't wait to get out of this town, but somewhere deep inside them, there is a fervent love for their hometown and its citizens. This place leaves an imprint on you. Although the "City With a Future" doesn't have a supermarket, it sustains us. Although the wide spot on Kansas Highway 7 doesn't have a city swimming pool, it's a fun place to grow up. Although the home of the roaring Lions spends less per pupil than many of its neighbors, it has provided us a solid education we can all be proud of. So what is the secret of Lansing's success? Why is the class of 2005 carrying the love of Lansing with it as we go onto careers and colleges, here and across the country? It's because the people here care about one another, and they especially care about their youth. It isn't just your parents you can go to for love and support; it is also your friends' parents, teachers, fellow churchgoers and neighbors. Whether it is a high school football game, a group of 6-year-olds merrily chasing a soccer ball, a middle school band concert or just passing on the street, Lansing has embraced its own, loved its own and has been fiercely proud of its own.

By some accounts, the class of 2005 from Lansing High School has done a lot to improve our school and the community in which we live. Many seniors enthusiastically participated in a walk and raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We continued the tradition of feeding our community's senior citizens a Thanksgiving dinner. Three out of the four banners outside of the high school declaring the Building Standard of Excellence were put there because of the class of 2005. Most importantly, we went to great lengths to improve the school spirit at Lansing High. We attended games, painted our faces, led cheers and reinstated the Alma Mater, which had been missing for quite some time. That is not enough. Consider it a down payment from the class of 2005 on the place you gave us to grow up. We still owe you.

So on behalf of a grateful class of 2005, THANK YOU, LANSING - you have created in each of us an idea of what makes small towns and America work. You have always believed in us, even if at first we may fail. You encourage us to reach for the moon and truly have faith that we will make it. I don't think you could be nearer or dearer to the hearts of your seniors, the class of 2005.


Micah White

Senior Class President

- White will attend Creighton University in Omaha, Neb.,

in the fall.

Micah White will attend Cheighton University in Omaha, Neb., in the fall.


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