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Majority of seniors college-bound

May 19, 2005

More than 80 percent of this year's Lansing High School seniors will attend college, according to a survey by the LHS counselors. The number is up from last year's 77 percent.

Of the 135 students who responded to the survey out of 142 in the senior class, 43 percent reported that they would attend a four-year college, and 40 percent said they would attend a two-year college.

Other post-graduation pursuits had much lower percentages at the school - 6 percent of reporting seniors said they would attend vocational school, 7 percent said they would begin working and 2 percent planned to join the military. Two percent had other plans.

LHS counselor Kristie Wessel said the statistics hadn't fluctuated much in the three years she'd been at the school. Last year, out of 148 seniors, 46 percent said they would attend a four-year college, 31 percent planned to attend a two-year college, 8 percent said they would attend vocational school, 10 percent planned to join the work force and 5 percent intended to join the military.

Wessel said the counselors collected the information for the school profiles that they update yearly. The profiles are available to people who are new to the area and also are sent to some colleges that request them.

Of the seniors who will be attending college, the majority will go to Kansas schools, Wessel said. She said she guessed the main reasons were the cost and to remain close to home. The farthest any of this year's seniors will travel will be to the University of Hawaii.

About 33 students - the most from this class attending any one school - will attend Kansas City Kansas Community College, which has a campus in downtown Leavenworth.

Wessel said many Lansing students choose to go to community colleges because of the price.

"A lot of them lean one way (toward four-year college) and then find out they can get two years free or at least cheaper, so they switch," she said.


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