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Seniors pick up additional awards

May 26, 2005

— Current Staff Reports

Several Lansing High School seniors received a financial boost at Thursday's awards night in the form of college scholarships.

Though many students had previously reported receiving scholarships, some seniors found out about their scholarships for the first time at the ceremony. Students receiving scholarships Thursday were:

Tiffany Turner, Les Novelettes Scholarship, Socialites Scholarship, Helen Oliphant Memorial Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Keri Keller, Lansing Police Department Scholarship, Highland Community College Cheerleading Scholarship

Alison Cain, Lansing Alumni Association Scholarship

Maggie Aus, Lansing Kiwanis Scholarship

Chris Bristow, Lansing Kiwanis Scholarship

Kaitlan Riccio, Lansing Kiwanis Scholarship

Alexya Lopez, Lansing Lions Club Scholarship

Todd Orlowski, Lansing Lions Club Scholarship

Ben Crary, Lansing Alumni Association

Jake Taylor, Lansing Alumni Association Scholarship

Rachel Trowbridge, Lansing Alumni Association Scholarship, Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship

Patrice Wilson, Socialites Scholarship

Kathleen Garner, Kathy Holstrom Memorial Scholarship, Earl Johnsmeyer National Honor Society Scholarship

Curtis Burgoon, Wallace F. Wiehe Memorial, Pepsi Scholarship

Ashley Brooks, Heidi Page Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Sarah Glynn, Irene Johnsmeyer Memorial Scholarship

Jessica Waters, Irene Johnsmeyer Memorial Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Jesse Peters, Irene Johnsmeyer Memorial Scholarship

Kara Kreutzer, Earl Johnsmeyer Memorial Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Jade Poulton, Donald McQuillan Memorial Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Chris Maxwell, John (Jack) Bergman, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Chris Hancock, Frank R. Graham Memorial Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Stephanie Taylor, Mable Mayhugh Memorial Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Jessica Hauver, Earnest and Hazel Wendel Memorial, Pepsi Scholarship

Melissa Poe, Pepsi Scholarship

Jerrad Willis, Ted and Priscilla LoPresti Lions Scholarship, Pepsi Scholarship

Kelsey Fallesen, Lindsay Riefschneider Memorial Scholarship

Micah White, Republican Women's Club Scholarship


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