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Congratulations to the Class of ‘05

May 26, 2005

At the conclusion of the Lansing High School commencement program Saturday, graduates removed their mortar boards and tossed them into the air in celebration of their high school achievements.

We, too, take our hats off to the graduates.

The 142 students surpassed an important milestone in their lives, and to listen to the student speakers at the ceremony, they're on the right track for the future.

In their speeches, the students paid tribute to their families, past graduates, the community, God and country, teachers, administrators, fellow students, poets, songwriters and on and on.

They talked about the importance of friendships, family, prayer, furthering their education - whether it be formally or informally, being true to yourself, continuing volunteer service to whatever community in which they find themselves and the need to stop and smell the roses sometimes.

The changes in high schools throughout the years have been profound. Think about the use of computers in schools to remind yourself of just one such change. Look at the course offerings for another.

Some aspects of high school, of course, haven't changed: worries about tests, pranks, complaints about homework and the like.

What's refreshing about the Lansing High School Class of 2005 is how seniors have adopted to the world today in the post-9/11 era but still maintain many of the core values treasured by their parents and grandparents.

Congratulations to the graduates, and keep up the good work!


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