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Teens jailed for papering at school

Police drive up on recent graduate posting obscene picture on light pole

May 26, 2005

Two recent Lansing High School graduates were arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of criminal trespassing and criminal damage to property, Lansing Police said.

About 12:40 a.m. Wednesday, a Lansing Police officer pulled into the LHS parking lot and saw a young man posting something on a light pole, Chief Steve Wayman said. When the young man spotted the officer, the man got back into the car, Wayman said. The officer stopped the car and found two young men inside. A second officer arrived and found that the men had been posting pictures that had been cut and pasted with a photograph of a school employee, which Wayman called "very obscene in nature."

Wayman said the pictures had been posted on the school windows and on light poles in the parking lot with glue. While the glue didn't hurt the windows much, Wayman said it would cause some degree of damage to the light poles.

A video camera found in the car was confiscated as evidence, Wayman said, because it contained footage of the men bragging about the pictures of the school employee.

The men, both 18, were arrested and booked into Leavenworth County Jail. Criminal trespassing and criminal damage to property are both misdemeanors, Wayman said.

Wayman said LHS Principal Steve Dike and Dale Bohannon, director of building and grounds for the district, were both called to the scene. Bohannon said about 20-25 pictures were found and removed.


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